• Guy in my class: Sir, what if we had a gay P.E. teacher? That'd be bad because he'd be looking at all the guys in shorts.
  • Teacher: You're assuming that all gay teachers are pedophiles.
  • Guy: Well...yeah.
  • Teacher: Carl I absolutely promise you that NO ONE in this school wants to have sex with you
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Can we have a moment of remembrance for Nickelodeon’s Taina?


A show about a LATINA teenager living her life like it’s ALL the way fucking golden going to school in a REALISTIC version of New York City with REALISTIC portrayals of black, white, asian, and latino students going to school together like….can we just have a moment?Β 


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Rihanna on CD vs. Rihanna live


delete this

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tired or horny? horny or hungry? all the above? IM SO CONFUSED! me
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